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Four weeks, a dedicated instructor, a proven track record and you are on your way to chase your dreams! Plus, get a free consultation with an RCIC licensed consultant for your immigration and study options.

Meet your instructor

Saman Zehra

An educator, ex-banker, and IELTS instructor – Saman has been in the teaching profession since 2015. She has a passion for nurturing young and adult minds. After getting her training at British Council and sitting for the IELTS test herself (twice) she embarked on this journey of helping aspiring students and immigrants to achieve their goals of moving abroad.

The program

Busting the myths about each module and IELTS exam in general, we teach our students the strategies to ace each module and get a good band score.  requirements, rubrics, criteria, and band descriptors.

Strategies and ample practice for each module

Our focus is not only on the exam practice, but we also enlighten about the examination requirements, rubrics, criteria, and band descriptors.

Diagnostic test to identify needs of each student

A carefully designed mock test allows us to identify the need of each student. Course content for each batch is aligned keeping in mind the needs of its participants. Schedule, material, and course load curated especially per each students’ needs.

No ratification of 1000s of vocabulary words

Rote learning of 500 – 1000 words is unnecessary! And impossible. We focus on acquiring especially vocabulary words that one can use in not only their speaking and writing tests but also in their daily lives. The goal is not to be aware of 1000 words, but to be able to use fewer words accurately!

Focus on building the language skills

It not just focused on taking IELTS but also to develop the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills required to effectively communicate with people in your destination country.

Interactive sessions with hands-on learning

We help our students be more confident in using English as a mode of communication and develop the skills naturally.

A guest session with

a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

If you are pursuing higher studies,
Our licensed registered Canadian immigration consultants RCIC will advise you on the supporting documents required for your study visa, prepare and submit your study visa application to immigration Canada IRCC;

If you are planning to immigrate,
Not only do Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants know the Canadian immigration system well, but they are professional strategists qualified to guide you successfully through the labyrinth of Canada’s visa system.

The RCICs work with “hold you by the hand” and advise you about what your best options are in applying for a visa. They will guide you so that you have a full understanding of your objectives and timeline expectations. They can then put a plan in place to help you achieve these goals.

What is an RCIC?

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, or RCICs, are legally authorized representatives and members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The consultants are specially trained, qualified. and intimately familiar with Canadian immigration policies.

In collaboration with

Scores & Reviews

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When i began preparing for ielts, i was struggling to get my english right, even though we were taught in an english medium schooling system. I wasn’t sure if i would be be able to grasp the technicalities of the language and speak with fluency and confidence but your dedication and committment hepled me to get a better understanding of all four components of IELTs exam. If you hadnt pushed me out of my comfort zone i wouldnt have passed the exam with flying colour, so thank you for putting so much effort in developing me as a fluent and confident english speaker.
October 2021
Top Scorer
Listening 7.5
Reading 7.0
Writing 7.0
Speaking 6.5
Septemeber 2021
Top Scorer
Listening 7.5
Reading 6.5
Writing 6.0
Speaking 6.0
August 2021
Top Scorer
Listening 7.0
Reading 7.0
Writing 6.0
Speaking 6.5
July 2021
Top Scorer
Listening 8.5
Reading 8.0
Writing 7.5
Speaking 8.5

Limited seats available

30 Day IELTS prep

15 Live Study Sessions
Online / In-person
  • 6 Sessions - Writing
  • 3 Sessions - Listening
  • 3 Sessions - Reading
  • 3 Sessions - Speaking
  • 1 Session - RCIC Counseling
Spring Offer
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