Monit - AI & Internet of Things

Web Experience

Monit technologies was Pakistan’s first Vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) manufacturer, developing cutting-edge solutions for commercials fleets. In short, they use the power of AI and some cutting edge tech to provide fleet management solutions.

People at Monit were looking to get a premium website as a pitch for big oil & transport and investors alike. The problem was, they had no framework to begin with. It took us weeks to just create a basic mind map of their products and services that would make sense to people outside the company. 

I helped create an information architecture, a site map, content strategy, website copy and a sleek web design to go with it. I deployed the website on WordPress using Elementor Page Builder.

Homepage Hero Banner

A minimal approach to a relatively complex offering. Low noise on header, conversational copy and bright colors to guide the user, each and every pixel has a reason here.

Sidebar Nav

This is where the project actually began to take shape. The brainstorm sessions were all about one major question, why are we building such a website? The answer is in the sidebar navigation menu.


Anything worth doing is difficult. And every difficult endeavour has a deeper sense of purpose. For the Monit founders, this was the most important reason and the highlight of the web experience.

Information Architecture

This was where I had the most fun. Partly because, right after I presented a visual, simple version of what I was thinking about Monit the founders hired me for two more web design projects, and partly because this approach cut down my work hours and feedback sessions dramatically.