The Life of a Marketeer

It’s hilarious the kind of answers you get when you ask someone what they think we do. Some believe we nap all day, while others believe our work is just sitting in front of a laptop screen. Very few have a good grasp on what exactly our job entails. No, we’re not graphic designers, we’re not content writers, we’re not website developers, we’re not sales guys; we’re all of the above, and so much more! We’re a team of creatives responsible for the brand building of our clients and everything that follows. 

Our work requires us to be hungry for excitement and booming with creativity. As marketeers, our minds are our greatest weapons. With each new client and each new task, we need to come up with fresh, new ideas that will WOW everyone. We need to be able to combine our creative knowledge with our artistic ability and the clients’ vision to produce a product that makes everyone happy.

An Early Start

Although we consider ourselves ‘modern’ or ‘with the times’, we still follow the standard working hours every workplace has. Despite doing remote work, the average workday starts around 10:30 AM with a message from GM asking for an update on our tasks. Now despite our working hours, it’s really up to us when we complete our tasks, and that depends on when our creative juices flow! For some of us, it’s early in the morning and for others, it’s late at night. Since all our work is created well before the deadline, it gives us the liberty to complete the task at our own pace and thus, also allows us to make an appealing product. For us, ideas can strike at the most random times and when it does, we scurry to jot them down before we forget!

Occasionally, we start our day with a quick meeting. Like most workplaces, we find that brainstorming as a team proves to be more productive and effective at gathering ideas rather than working in silence hence, in these team meetings, we go over what needs to be done, how it can be done and how it can be improved. Additionally, these meetings are also small learning sessions for those of us who have little to no expertise in what is being discussed. 

Personally, I’ve been exposed to a whole new world since I started at G-Murtaza Brand Builders! I’ve been taught so much from the correct terminologies for marketing to numerous websites which have made my work as a social media manager and content writer so much easier! 

Oftentimes, being a marketeer means being very critical of oneself. While others might love what we do, we’ll find errors upon errors and think of all the ways we could have done better. Sometimes, when we can’t find any errors, we’ll make them up! You could say that marketeers are perfectionists or never satisfied. 

Social Media Marketing requires not just skill but also a good understanding of the subject. As a marketeer, our Instagrams are flooded with graphic designers, content creators or just generally pages with really spectacular marketing. We religiously follow the tips and tricks of these people and use them as inspiration for our work. Not just that, but as part of our job, we need to stay on top of all the trends and find ways to incorporate them into our work. Just recently actually, we hopped onto the “Pawri horahi hai” bandwagon for one of our clients. 


Our day passes by in a blur just completing our tasks and by the end of it, we’re mostly exhausted with a backache or a headache. But as life is, we all have our own lives to tend to so rest isn’t an option so soon. Weekends, however, are when we get a break from work. Those two days are for simply unwinding and preparing for the next week. 

Our job as marketeers is to make your life easier and give your brand an image! If that’s what you’re looking for, hit us up at!

Brands are stories. We only get to write the first act.

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