What is Art? What is Design? Does it surprise you that the two are not the same? Or are they? An endless debate between the two sides; the supportive and the opposing. 

Artists: Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Picasso

Designers: Paula Scher, Andy Warhol

Different people who are known for different reasons.

Art & Design: Two Separate Roads

Taken from the famous Van Gogh Museum

Designers would argue that Art & Design are two very different things, two ends of a spectrum, or even two different roads. Some designers consider themselves artists, but few artists consider themselves designers. 

Design is not art. Design has to function.

Art is open to interpretation. Art is not always understood. The artist has a vision, one that not everyone understands hence at art museums, you can see descriptions of the art pieces attached below so the viewer can read and grasp what the artist is trying to convey. 

Whereas, design is considered as problem-solving. It conveys a clear and precise message, one that is hard to misinterpret. Design is a straightforward concept, conveyed in the most simplest way possible. 

Design conveys a message, while art conveys an emotion

It can be noted that the most famous art pieces are those associated with strong emotions. They make the audience feel something, relate to the artist on a personal level. Art is meant to inspire. Design, however, is used to deliver a purpose; buy a product, visit a venue, hire this service and so on and so forth. Hence, design is meant to motivate the audience to do something.

There is no such thing as ‘bad’ art

The thing with art is that there is no ‘bad’ art. From the most easily interpreted pieces to the most abstract pieces, each art piece is a good piece. What may not make sense to one person, may make perfect sense to another. It is all a matter of taste. On the contrary, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ design are very frequently used terms. A ‘good’ design is a design that perfectly conveys the message, is pleasing to see, and follows the basic rules of design, whereas a ‘bad’ design would be one that fails to convey its message properly, does not appeal to the eyes and follows none of the design rules. 

Skills can be learnt while talents are acquired

Art is a talent. Most artists are born artists. They have the creativity, the emotions, the vigour to create a masterpiece. Talent cannot be created, only polished. On the other hand, design is a skill. You do not have to be born with it, you can simply learn it. Anyone can learn it. You can be terrible at it one day and a complete professional at it over time. 

Art & Design: Where the roads meet!

Contrary to the above arguments, some designers do believe that art and design are one in the same. 

Design is art. Art is design. No exceptions

Great design is first and foremost art. It not only conveys the message clearly but also conveys an emotion. Design isn’t only conveying a message. It is making it appealing as well and that is where art comes in. Designers intentionally instil significant amounts of aesthetics into their work. Now, the term ‘aesthetic’ is open to interpretation. How? What is one persons’ aesthetic may not be the same for another, hence the piece that the designer has created classifies as both design and art. 

What do we learn from this?

Design is not always art. But it surely can be. There is no hard and fast rule when creating art but there is to creating design hence, when a designer follows his design rules and amalgamates them with a certain degree of creativity and emotion, he creates an artistic design, which classifies as both art and design. 

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