Creativity is the fine line between order and chaos.

The method to madness

i. Understand the offering

What are you offering? Is it a good fit for your intended customer / consumer / user? Is the price point justified? Do you have a proof of concept? 
These questions are paramount to a successful journey for any brand. So instead of thinking about how much it would cost to market your message / product, think about the journey you are going to take to make this happen. 

So have your offering ready for us to sample. Because we don’t market what we haven’t experienced. 

ii. Find the right keywords

Doing a google search for keywords is NOT what this is. Its actually more about the vernacular your product falls into and how, if I were to recommend your brand to somebody else in my FNF network, would you be described as in the simplest terms as possible. This where we build the foundation for your key marketing copy. 

Expert copywriters might disagree with this. But its what we do. Break the norm and do something disruptive. 

iii. Sketch a gameplan

A game-plan for a sound marketing journey is key for your peace of mind. You need to know what you are getting form your agency. After we understand the project, we map out deliverables that are going to be needed for brand and customer success. 

iv. Create personas

Now its time to draw out the ideal customer profile(s). These are called brand personas. If you are talking to your prospects in their own language, they feel comfortable with you, want to get to know you and trust you more. 

Every persona gets its time in the spotlight. That could translate into different landing pages, marketing and content drives, or different price points – it all depends on your offering. 

v. Write the key copy

This is what goes up first on your website. A phrase, word or sentence that says everything but leaves your prospects wanting more. Enough said. 

i. Select archetype

A brand is a living, breathing human being in the minds of our audience. An archetype establishes its personality traits which in turn dictates everything else that comes later. We first select the right archetypes for your brand by consulting Carl Jung. 

ii. Write brand story

Just like every story, your brand story needs to have the protagonist (the user), the antagonist (the problem), the journey that is endured to reached the climax (user journey), and the climax itself (your offering). This short story helps further to create a deep, layered, and emotionally charged brand identity. 

iii. Create brand identity

This is more than a logo, its a statement. But instead of words and stories, its an icon, an illustration. Its a mark you leave behind when people interact with you. 

iv. Design brand guide

Everything we create, we create it to last. So a brand guide is a final step in this process. A guide will help you to work with your own brand / marketing team to apply the established identity further in different media without compromising its quality. It’s a guide that tells the story of the creator’s vision for your brand. 

i. Build a user journey

A website can be a long and complicated process if not approached properly. We create mindmaps and user journeys that illustrate user acquisition channels, their journey to the meat of the content and how they interact with you when they get more interested in your offering. 

ii. Build personas

A website allows us to create multiple landing pages for users with different intents. Every persona get their own landing page (if necessary) so we can connect with them better. 

iii. Select domain

Domains are key to customer success. It’s how people get to know you and remember you. We are with you every step of the way in this process, while clearing up the way for you from all techie stuff so you concentrate on what matters to you most. 

iv. Secure hosting

What is hosting? It is a computer that saves your website, email accounts, and other data and is connected to the cloud 24/7. We provide multiple hosting packages depending to your needs.  

v. Design website

We don’t develop websites, we design them. Every corner, bevel, spacing element, rounded corner, is thought out in detail. We don’t copy and past WordPress themes. We design the whole look from scratch. 

vi. Create storefont

For ecommerce store owners, the design is just the facade. They need more capabilities if they want to run their store efficiently. We use top of the line, tried and trusted storefront scripts that enable you to manage your orders, control inventory and run offers smoothly. 

vii. Train brand owners

A website requires constant updates. And we don’t like our clients to depend on us for everything. We are in the business of creative expression, not virtual assistance. Once a website is launched, if the brand owners desire, we provide in-depth training sessions for brand owners enabling them to take full advantage of their digital presence. 

i. Build on key copy

The key copy is the main driver for content. We build on it by creating variations, gamifications and translations. Consider the key copy the plot which gives way to the script aka the content. 

ii. Select platforms

Every platform has an intent. And every intent has its own merits and pitfalls. 

Facebook is where people connect, rant and cure boredom. It is also where you get the bulk of spam engagement. 

Instagram is for people looking for curated content. They know what they want or are actively looking for it. It is also a highly visual medium. So we bring our A-game to here. 

LinkedIn is a highly engaging platform but works best mostly during weekdays and working hours. It is the best place to connect with professionals. 

Google Display Network is another beast altogether. It gets you the most reach. 

The list goes on and on. 

To choose the right platform(s) is key here because not every piece of content will work everywhere. 

And we help you choose what is right for your brand. 

iii. Connect with audience

Audience building is a progressive task. It is a spiral that works only with quality data. The best place to start is with some data collected on ground from prospects. This helps us to create lookalike audiences on platforms and enables us to retarget them again and again until they end up as conversions. 

iv. Collect feedback

This is where we need you. Share with us your sales figures, sign-ups and installs so we can learn what works and what doesn’t. 

Any marketer worth their salt would agree ‘ Advertising is a business of rejecetion’. We need to know why it happens so we can constantly improve our efforts in the right direction. 

v. Automate

As our efforts begin to bear fruit, we double down on what works and schedule our efforts. Automation is what we strive for so we can cook up the next dynamo of content for your brand. 

Brands are stories. We only get to write the first act.

Start your story with some panache...

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