Botnide | A Smart Chat Bot

Botnide makes it possible where your messenger can become a point of sale where customers can browse, shop, track and even pay without leaving the app!
A developer duo's passion project where they aim to raise funding for this game changing SaaS growth hack for eCommerce stores and restaurants.


This project was more of a technical challenge than an aesthetic one. The website needed to show two videos to autoplay without comprising speed. Took two full redesign sprints but finally reached the finished line.

A Unique Identity, maybe...

The chatbot market is filled with logos of bots and robots. We needed to play in the same neighborhood while trying to stand out. So I preferred to imitate successfully rather than to fail at originality.

Instagram Content

Most of it was written in Roman Urdu - a way of writing the language in Roman script. Content, art and everything else on insta came from me.